Special Wooden Structures

/Special Wooden Structures

Special Constructions also require a Special Team and each space has different design requirements. We undertake special constructions that completely satisfy your architectural design. We meet every construction need and are able to propose planning and practical solutions.

We specialize in the construction of Wooden Sea Decks, Wooden Roofs with Niangon, Iroko,  Meranti and Swedish Timber, and Trellis or Wattle for your business premise. As far as your residence is concerned, we can satisfy any of your wishes concerning the interior or exterior space. Pool Covers with Meranti Wood, Bamboo Partitions or Partitions for your Garden made of Niangon Wood, Air – Conditioning Cover, Greenhouse, Garden Table, Fences, Doors and Ceilings made of Chestnut Wood and Marine Plywood.

Add to your place a touch of aesthetics and relaxation through the Wooden Constructions of ELEFTHERIOU Co. Our experience, expertise and highly trained technicians are our guarantee that the result will be perfect.