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Eleftheriou Company was founded in 1970, by Antonis Eleftheriou who had a genuine talent in wooden constructions and has evolved into a modern enterprise that designs, implements, and applies roofs, tiled roofs, pergolas, and many other special wooden constructions of exceptional quality. The solutions we propose for commercial spaces, HO.RE.CA, and private constructions meet even the most demanding specifications, as we follow the strictest criteria of quality, aesthetics, climate responsibility and, above all, respect for the needs of our customers.

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- About us -

Our vision
To be a top choice partner, offering innovative and cost-effective services to all our clients. We believe that any quality project requires experience, insight, patience, and perseverance.
Our mission
To enhance our clients' quality of life and return on investment by providing unique, original, and environmentally friendly solutions.
Who we are
We are a construction company, which since 1970 aims to offer high quality constructions to private and commercial customers.
Technical Support
We are at the side of our customers with responsibility, providing excellent technical support at all stages of the implementation of a project, within the agreed timeframe and at the most competitive prices.
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- Our values -


We operate with reliability and integrity, keeping our promises.


We understand our clients’ needs and propose the ideal solutions.


We aim at the maximum efficiency and quality of our services.


Our passion for constructions is reflected in the result of our projects.
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Pergola is the element of construction that brings people in contact with the external environment.

Pergolas are a constructions’ element that keeps people in touch with the outdoor environment. We create the pergolas of your dreams, adapting them to both the orientation and the climate conditions of the main buildings’ location. We choose materials that combine the building’s surroundings with the building itself – like timber, bamboo, wicker, or awning. Our aim is to always deliver high aesthetic works that their owners will be able to enjoy for a very long period of time without any problem.


Roofs – Tiled Roof

The roof is a very important architectural and structural element of a construction.

The roof is a basic architectural and structural element in every construction. Its design plays an important role in highlighting the shape of a building, while its functionality determines its resistance to time and wear. When manufacturing a roof, the choice of its materials, its design, installation and adaptation to the specific needs of the “hosting” building, is a challenge that urges us to constantly exceed the high standards we have already set in our business.

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HoReCa Projects

Our company has created a large number of constructions of high aesthetics n business premises.

We are proud of the fact that large constructions in tourism and catering -HO.RE.CA- bear the signature of Eleftheriou. For many years now they have been decorating restaurants, bars, beach bars, catering areas and other spaces in the largest hotels in Greece and abroad. We add value to the investments of the business owners, always having in mind the best possible investment vs result ratio.


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